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Menstrual Misery? New hormone-free therapy for teens with heavy, painful periods

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Data out this week from Harvard University shows that 98% of adolescents with chronic pelvic pain have endometriosis.  For the 176 million women worldwide that suffer for endometriosis, this data provides a strange form of relief and recognition.  They aren’t complaining, whining, histrionic women and teenagers who can’t handle their menstrual period.  On the contrary, they probably have a medical condition called endometriosis that needs treatment.  And they don’t need hormonal contraceptives or birth control pills. 

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Alternatives to Adolescent Birth Control Pills

birth control pills

My family medicine practice is located inside of an urgent care center.  Many times, adolescent women coming into our office will tell us they are on the birth control pill (BCP) for heavy, irregular, or painful periods.   Is this the BEST medical practice?

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Birth Control While Breastfeeding and During the Post-Partum Period

I was taught in medical school never to leave a newborn delivery without discussing birth control with the new mother.  The exhausted, delighted mothers and smiling fathers would always give the physician a puzzled look when asked, minutes after delivery, what their birth control plans were.  It seemed like a rude, dark interruption of the joyful fleeting moments after the miracle of birth.

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