A New Vision of Technology and Our Youth

Over the past three years, I have written a lot about the issues of media/technology and our youth of today. Much of it is available on my Just Thinking site, and I encourage you to check out the articles/series that I have published about various topics, some of which include much more specific recommendations regarding how to address media/technology concerns. Through all of this, though, I realize that some people often look at recommendations such as mine from a restrictive standpoint, in much of the same way we might view health advice or religious beliefs. For this (and many other reasons), it is understandable that we would feel worn down by advice that does not naturally coalesce with how we and others might be living today. But beyond the perception of rules and restraint, there is another vision for media/technology and our youth that is aspirational. - See more at:

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Why 1:1 Is Not the Answer: Taking a Closer Look at Technology in the Schools

In the educational climate of today, nothing is perceived as more progressive than finding ways to digitalize everything students are doing.

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Sweaty, Smelly Teens and Tweens: How to Stop the Sweat

There comes a certain age when our kids start to smell and sweat like teens.  For most adolescents, this is a temporary phase that will improve with age.  A few will struggle with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and osmidrosis (foul-smelling sweat)  for their whole lives.  Don’t worry-- with just a few tricks and the right antiperspirant, you can help your child control that sweaty smell all day long.  
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Do You Know What Is Coming into Your Youth’s Phone?

It is 11:30 P.M on a Thursday night.  Your 13-year-old daughter is asleep.  Suddenly she awakes to a ding from her phone.

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