Are you getting enough iodine?

iodized salt

I’ve been throwing down prenatal vitamins every morning for more than a decade, so I was shocked to realize that I’m deficient in iodine, a nutrient essential for thyroid function and brain development. I’m not alone, almost a third of pregnant women in the United States don’t get enough iodine in their diet, and only about 15% of prenatal vitamins contain iodine (mine didn’t.) This month, The American Academy of Pediatrics released a new policy statement about iodine deficiency, making the recommendation that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be taking at least 150 micrograms of iodine daily.

Everyone needs iodine, but new research on iodine deficiency

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Dump this breastfeeding myth!

If you’ve ever been around a breastfeeding mom, you’ve probably heard the term “pump and dump.”  Essentially, it is the practice of pumping and dumping breast milk after having an alcoholic beverage. The thought is that the alcohol gets into the breast milk, so to prevent the baby from sharing mom’s margarita, you waste the milk by pumping it and tossing it out.

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That Precious Hour After a Baby is Born: What Really Needs to Happen After Delivery

Think back to when your babies were born—what happened in that first hour after birth?  Did you hold your baby?  Were you encouraged to breastfeed your baby?  Or did someone take your baby away from you? 

These days most babies go directly to a health care provider for evaluation, or, if the baby is breathing and appears well, the mother will get to look at or hold the baby for a minute or two before someone whisks the baby away for “necessary” medical care.  

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10 Tips for Flying with Breast Milk

I’ve heard many a horror-story about flying with breast milk, from security agents that forced moms to dump out milk to broken bottles.  I’ve also made a few mistakes myself, once causing me to throw out several days of expressed milk.  I’ve taken countless business trips while breastfeeding my four children, and these my tips for successful traveling with breast milk. 

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