ADHD & Mental Health

Do ADHD Medications Make Kids Obese? Surprising new research suggests the answer is, “Yes.”

I didn’t expect this research result—a study published today in the medical journal Pediatrics found that children with ADHD, and especially those treated with stimulant medications, are more likely to become obese.

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Treating ADHD without meds

Finally, some good news for parents of kids with ADHD and ADD—we really can teach our kids to pay attention, and without medication. 

A study  in the medical journal Pediatrics this month showed that two treatments for ADHD –neurofeedback and computer-based cognitive training – really do work.

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Stressed and Depressed– 8 Ways Teens are Hurting Themselves On Purpose

American teens are stressed and depressed.  As a pediatrician, I see the suicide attempts, the overdoses, and all the new methods that teens are finding to intentionally hurt themselves—to somehow dull the pain. 

It’s getting worse.  According to recent results from the Stress in America Study, teens are now more stressed out than adults:

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Parenting a Child with ADHD: 6 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

When I was in medical school I told a professor that if I ever had a child with ADHD I would homeschool him before I gave him ADHD medications.  Seven years later my son was prescribed a variant of Ritalin.  I cried.  He took it.  His school life and our home life got easier.   And I learned how to be a better parent.

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