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There’s More to Sleep than Shuts the Eye, Part II: The ABC’s of ZZZ’s

Despite the importance of sleep, including for our kids, evidence suggests that many of our youth do not get the recommended sleep each night. A recent article through NBC News indicates that 90% of high schoolers fall short of the optimum amount of sleep. When this occurs, significant risks emerged in many domains. One study indicated that teens who sleep the least are 21% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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There’s More to Sleep Than Shuts the Eye, Part I: Waking Up to All that Sleep Does

Every day for most people, something mysterious begins to take shape that still defies scientists in these times. Although the primary reasons for most basic bodily functions, such as eating and moving, have been known for centuries, sleep, or also known as slumbering or snoozing or napping or crashing, still remains an enigma in many ways. Yet, there is no single activity that we do more in our life.

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Stressed and Depressed-- How American Teens are Hurting Themselves, and what Parents can do to Reverse the Trend

American teens are stressed and depressed. As a pediatrician, I see the suicide attempts, the overdoses, and all the new methods that teens are finding to intentionally hurt themselves—to somehow dull the pain. It’s getting worse. According to recent results from the Stress in America Study, teens are now more stressed out than adults:

40% feel irritable or angry
36% feel nervous or anxious
31% felt overwhelmed due to stress in the past month
36% feel fatigued or tired, and
Almost 30% feel depressed or sad

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Embracing the Four Dimensions of Our Being

I awoke to a flickering light. As I sat up, I thought for a moment I had left my head lamp on. But as I listened to the varied sounds of breathing around me, I discerned that the light was coming from the campfire that had stubbornly refused to go out. I stepped out of the tent into the breeze of a perfectly cool night. The stars brilliantly looked down upon me. As I made my way to the bathroom across the gravel road, there was only silence. The day before, Steve and I had taken our four oldest kids for a wilderness adventure. We had hiked up hills together, prayed over meals, and watched them as they joyfully scrambled over rocks and hopped through creek beds. Laughter was never far away.

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