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7 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Catholic Pediatrician

Why your child needs a Catholic Pediatrician

I used to believe we should leave medicine to the doctors and faith to the Church.  I didn’t really understand that my pediatrician would become a personal mentor for me as I navigated parenthood.   I didn’t really consider that my pediatrician would become a private confidant of my children, discussing sensitive issues behind closed doors. 

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Vitamin Wars – Do my kids need supplements?

If you read online guidance about nutritional supplements and vitamins for kids, you can easily fill an entire cabinet with recommended supplements (and empty your wallet).  After nine years of managing vitamins and supplements for my five kids, I have managed to limit my supplements to four bottles.  So which supplements do kids really need?

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The Value of Our Efforts

On the morning of April 12th, 1980, Terry Fox dipped his right leg in the Atlantic Ocean.  He filled up two water bottles.  One he hoped to dump into the Pacific Ocean at the end of his journey.  One he hoped to keep as a souvenir.  Three years earlier, his left leg had been amputated after he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his knee.  He had undergone months and months of painful chemotherapy, and had become begrudged that little was being done in his country to address the real problem of cancer.  So he set out, in his unusual hop-step gait, to run a marathon a day across Canada until

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Beyond time-outs: No-yell, no-spank discipline


I got this email from a colleague: “My son laughs in my face when I put him in time out.  If you don’t spank, and you don’t yell, what do you do?”

I’ve been there and had the exact same thought.  For a long time I looked for a simple, formulaic answer to this problem.  If child does X behavior, then punishment should be Y.  But it’s just not that easy.

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More Parenting, Less Yelling: How to Calm the Storm

Parents have taken to heart the research that shows spanking leads to more aggressive behaviors.  But instead of spanking, most parents yell at our kids.  Yes, I yell at my kids.  I don’t like it, but I do.  Kay Quinn of KSDK News Channel 5 invited me to talk about it:

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Researchers Went to Fast Food Restaurants and Recorded How Parents Acted While on Cell Phones-- Here's What They Found

Having a cell phone is like having a baby that never grows up.  The phone demands immediate attention through various little sounds and you, and only you, understand the meaning.  You keep it by your side wherever you go and get nervous if it is gone for a second.  Like a new baby, phones are exciting and add so much goodness to family life.  They are infatuating and make us all smile.  And there is something about that phone that draws you to it, even when you want a break from it.  

Like a new baby, your other children compete with your phone for attention.

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Bedtime with the iPad: Total Mom Fail

toddler with iPad

It’s 10:15 pm and my 2 1/2 –year-old is still awake, touching my mouse while I try to type.  She took a late nap and now we’re paying the consequences.  A few months ago the same thing happened and I did the unthinkable—I put her back in her bed, with the iPad.

Total mom fail—isn’t that against all the recommendations of all the academies of everything medical?

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Do ADHD Medications Make Kids Obese? Surprising new research suggests the answer is, “Yes.”

I didn’t expect this research result—a study published today in the medical journal Pediatrics found that children with ADHD, and especially those treated with stimulant medications, are more likely to become obese.

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When can my child use the public restroom alone?

My 4-year-old now refuses to use public ladies’ restrooms with me.  “I’m a boy!” he tells me… So what should a mom do?  When is a child old enough to use a public restroom by himself?  What is the real risk here?

Although the idea of sending my children into a public restroom alone is quite horrifying, the incidence of child abuse in restrooms is rare.  The vast majority of child sexual abuse is from persons known to the child, not strangers in restrooms.

But these cases do happen:

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